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The most significant memorial is the sculpture park in West Street, Fareham, part of a millennium project.






Artistsí sketches for Fareham West Street millennium project





A plaque at the Fontley site dates from 1983.The school nearest the Fontley site is now called the Henry Cort Community College.






Three memorials in Gosport are cited by Philip Eley in the booklet, The Gosport Iron Foundry and Henry Cort (reproduced on the Gosport website):

        A mural showing his process above the entrance to the museum;

        A mosaic on the Millennium Promenade:

        A blue plaque in Mumby Road (not the site of the foundry).


Identical memorial plaques, resulting from Charles H Morganís activities (1905), can be found in the porches at the churches of St John, Hampstead (where Cort is buried) and St Mary, Lancaster.


Also from this period is the memorial now in lab F1 at Manchester Materials Science Centre.


In London there are commemorative works at the Institution of Civil Engineers (on the ceiling frieze) and the Victoria and Albert Museum.In the memberís room at theInstitute of Materials are two paintings of the Fontley Iron Mill, painted nearly 100 years after Cortís work there, and not long before much of the building was destroyed by fire.


Foxfield Railway Museum has an engine named ďHenry CortĒ, made for Ebbw Vale Steel & Iron Co (Peckett 0-4-0 saddle tank W4 class built 1903, number 933), according to the website, while more about steamboat Henry Cort on the Great Lakes can be viewed at












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